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Super Bowl XLV Packers vs Steelers NFL Betting Lines

February 6th, 2011 No comments

packers vs steelersThe combination of clever nicknames is seemingly endless in this year’s Super Bowl betting action but the two winners (at least in our book) are: Hittsburgh Steelers or the Blitzburgh Steelers.

But as clever as these nicknames may or may not be they belie a basic truth and that is the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers are a very physical team and they are going to try and knock your head off every chance they get –and that means on both sides of the ball. Just ask any unsuspecting DB or LB that has been flattened by a blind-side block (dirty, but legal) from Steelers WR Hines Ward. Read more…

NFL Betting Lines Super Bowl XLV Steelers vs Packers

January 29th, 2011 No comments

super bowl xlv packers vs steelersThe Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4) have a lot of flaws and their offense, in particular, has plenty of warts it will try and cover up when it meets the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl odds action in a few weeks.

The Steelers have long been a defensive-minded franchise and once again it’s the team’s D that’s gotten it to an 8th Super Bowl appearance. The defense was first in scoring defense (14.5 ppg), 1st in rushing D (62.8 ypg) and by almost all accounts the top unit in the NFL.

The offense, however, was not in the same class. Overall the Steelers offense ranked 14th out of 32 teams. In terms of scoring the team was 12th in the league (23.4) and only jumped that high in the on the list due to blowouts against awful teams in the final weeks of the regular season. Read more…

NFL Betting Lines NFC Championship Packers vs Bears Odds

January 22nd, 2011 No comments

packers vs bearsIt’s been repeated a million times this week already but it bears mentioning a million and one times, at least, because the fact that the Green Bay Packers (12-6) and the Chicago Bears (12-5) have met only once before in the NFL playoffs (before the advent of color TV) is one of the most mind-boggling things in the NFL gambling action you’re likely to ever hear.

These are two of the oldest professional football teams in the country and together they form the oldest rivalry in the sport. Just to put things in perspective, these teams have met each other 182 times in the regular season and the post season. This is a rivalry dating all the way back to 1921 -4 decades before the creation of the modern day NFL. Read more…

NFL Betting Lines Ravens vs Steelers AFC Divisional Playoffs

January 15th, 2011 No comments

ravens vs steelersWhat do you get when you take two of the top three defenses in the NFL, sprinkle generously with heaping portion of hate, and grudge match spanning more than a decade: this weekend’s AFC divisional playoffs game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Steelers (12-4) and the Ravens (13-4) will be playing for the 8th time in three years this weekend. To say these teams know each other well is an understatement. And simply stating that these teams hate each other does their mutual animosity an injustice. There will be bruises, like broken bones and maybe even a concussion or two…and that’s all before the game even starts. Once the whistle is blown things will get really ugly. Read more…

NFL Betting Lines Jets vs Colts AFC Wild Card Betting

January 8th, 2011 No comments

jets vs coltsLast year then rookie QB Mark Sanchez of the then 9-7 New York Jets was instrumental in that team’s Cinderella run in the NFL betting odds playoff action. The Jets entered the postseason as wildcard and won two road games as they qualified for the AFC Championship game. The Jets lost that game to same team they’ll face this weekend in Indianapolis and this team would love to get some revenge.

This year the Jets enter the playoffs with 11-5 record but are still the Wild Card and still have to travel for the playoffs. And Mark Sanchez is still the QB although he’s shown little if any improvement as a starting QB in his sophomore season in the league. Read more…