AFC West Race is Over

It’s not often that you can call a division title race just six weeks into the season but so far there has been little about this NFL betting lines season that has been business as usual. Never before have so many undefeated teams gone so deep into the season –nor winless teams for that matter- and rarely are divisions as lopsided as the AFC West this season.

While most division races are just beginning to heat up the NFL betting lines, in the beleaguered AFC West, the race for all intents and purposes is over.

There’s nothing left but the crying for the losers in this competition. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders form one of the most miserable pair of third and fourth place teams in the NFL lines and the second place Chargers are surprisingly just a notch above these two cellar dwellers in the NFL lines hierarchy.

With a big win over the Bolts in their own back yard last Monday, Denver, with its perfect record in the NFL betting odds proved that it is the dominant team in this division.

The Broncos now are 2-0 in AFC West play and 3 ½ games up on the Chargers. Plus, they control the tiebreaker as they’ve won once in head-to-head competition. Regardless of the numbers, Denver has proven to be one of the best teams in the league and the rest of the AFC West has proven they are among the worst.

There is no sure thing in the NFL as any avid fan knows but the odds of any other team winning the AFC West are slim to none and growing slimmer every day.

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