And Then There Was One…

November 4th, 2009 by Leave a comment Go to comments

There is no disputing the worst football team in the NFL betting lines anymore. After a week 8 full of underdog action the losers actually became winners –in most cases.  Heading into the weekend there were three teams yet to notch a win this NFL betting lines season and they all got the monkey off their backs with a win. All except for the Bucs.

The St Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans both got into the win column on Sunday and are no longer a threat to the Lions 0-16 monument to futility.

But there should be no doubt that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers not only failed so secure a win in their seventh attempt in the NFL lines competition this season, but that this team has a very good chance of going 0-16 and tying Detroit for the worst season in NFL football betting odds history.

That’s a pretty big deal considering that the Lions just set the record a year ago. And it’s also further proof that parity in the NFL is more a thing of the past than the present. The gap between the winning teams and the losing teams seems to get wider every year and the Bucs are the poster boys of futility despite the league’s efforts to level the playing field.

An 0-7 doesn’t automatically translate to an 0-16 season but when you’re starting a rookie QB, and a marginally talented one at that, have no running game, no blocking up front, an awful defense and not even a single pro bowler, the odds that that Tampa goes winless seem to increase every game.

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