Architectural Faults in Sports

dallas_cowboysThe NFL Dallas Cowboys and the MLB New York Yankees are without a doubt two of the most popular and traditional teams in their league. Besides this similarity, both franchises have won titles and have had players that have turned into idols for many. There is one more new similarity to add up to both teams and it has to do with their stadiums. Both teams moved from their legendary stadiums to new ones.

Football betting fans are truly exited with the Cowboys’ new home. So far it had only been used for concerts and soccer matches. It was until last Friday that the first NFL football betting game took place. Nice place, nice crowd but not so nice surprise when A.J Trapasso hit the new high definition screen on top of the field.

The architects covered all the specifications required by the league in regards to all the dimensions and specs of the stadium. Or at least they thought so. The TV screen in the new Cowboys stadium is considered the biggest one in the world. It covers most of the field.

What will happen now? Will this affect the NFL betting lines? Will the ref have to be on top of the play just in case there is contact with the screen again? In this particular play, it had to be repeated. The solution is very simple. They basically have to raise the screen although there might be a possibility that it block the view for part of the upper crowd. And the other issue is the amount of money it will cost to fix the mistake.

In regards to the Yankees, they moved to their new home to dispute their game in the fancy expensive new site. Nevertheless, the monstrous construction is being questioned for architectural faults. In their last game, they noticed the amount of home runs towards the left field increase irregularly. This was due to the lack of a contention wall that would serve as a wind blocker.

The architects did not take into account the strong wind currents that come in and as an effect make the ball travel farther and faster. This is a condition that will definitely affect mainly in autumn when the playoff season hits. So, the big question is: How is it possible that after such a gigantic investment of money and time, the missed that wind factor detail?

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