Bengals Get Boost with Johnson Signing

November 18th, 2009 by Leave a comment Go to comments

Things are going so well for the Cincinnati Bengals this year that even setbacks have turned into NFL betting lines opportunities. Last Sunday against the Steelers the team’s top running back and the NFL’s second leading rusher, Cedric Benson was knocked from the game with a strained hip. But just when it looked like his injury might be detrimental to the team Cincy picked up veteran Pro Bowl RB Larry Johnson.

Love him or hate –and if you’re from Kansas City your feelings are almost certainly the latter- there is no doubting Johnson’s body of work and his potential impact in the NFL betting lines.

Hired as an ‘insurance policy’ in case Benson is unable to go in due to his hip injury, he could potentially become much more for the Bengals. Over his career in the NFL lines competition Johnson has been a beast. He’s averaged 4.4 yards per carry, scored 55 career TDs and during his best years was arguably the best back in the league.

But as anyone who’s seen him play recently knows, his best days of NFL betting odds are gone. In fact, he hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season in three years and over that span he’s averaged 3.5, 4.5 and 2.9 yards per carry.

That can’t all be put on Johnson and much of it has to do with a terrible O-line and offense in KC. But at 30-years old no one would question that he’s on the downside of his career.

Still, there’s probably nobody out there Cincy could have gotten to back up Benson and in case he can’t play, Johnson should fit in nicely with a potent Cincy offense.

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