Betting Lines – AFC Wild Card Ravens at Patriots NFL Odds

The Baltimore Ravens seem to have an almost endless supply of running backs in its deep stables of talent. Going all the way back to the team’s Super Bowl run nearly a decade ago Jamal Lewis carried the team; then Willis MacGahee, then McLain, and now Rice…Ray Rice. Anyone whose played the NFL betting lines this year, especially late in the season has seen what this dynamic RB has done this year.

Rice burst onto the scene in his second-year wresting the starting position from MacGahee and making it his own. His stats this NFL odds season are impressive: 1,339 rushing yards, 5.3 ypg average and 7 TDs. He’s also caught an eye-popping 78 passes for another 702 yards. In fact, he and Chris Johnson of the Titans are the only two players in sports betting that lead their respective teams in both categories.

So what’s that mean for the New England Patriots in this weekend’s game? It means they’d better bring their lunch boxes because it’s going to be a long day. New England’s rush defense ranks 13th in the NFL online betting and is not one of the team’s strengths. The Pats are giving up 110.5 ypg and this will the part of the game that the Ravens attack.

With very inhospitable weather likely the passing game will be challenging and the running game should be the more effective form of offense. Rice is the perfect cold weather back as he runs downhill and seems to get better as the game goes on defensive linemen get worn down. He should have a big game against the Pats and will be a big reason why Baltimore wins.

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