Betting Lines – NFC Wild Card Race

December 26th, 2009 by Leave a comment Go to comments

With the exception of the Washington Redskins –who should apologize to the entire league and betting lines fans everywhere for being so terrible- the NFC East has devolved into a war of attrition in the quest for playoff spots.

Not only is the division title up for grabs but the second-place team in this division will also all but assuredly lock down a wild card spot as well. So while these teams would gladly beat each other to death with nothing on the line, there is indeed, a great deal at stake.

Right now the Philly Eagles are in the driver’s seat. At 10-4 this team needs to win but one more game to lock up the division. But with Denver at home and the season finale at Dallas’s gaudy new cathedral to Jerry Jones and football the rest of their season is hardly a gimme.

Speaking of Dallas the Cowboys are just a game back at 9-5 and if they win out, including the game against the Eagles they are the NFC East NFL betting lines champs.

And thanks to the Giants blow out domination of the Skins on Monday night they too are still alive. If the Cowboys lose even one game and the Giants win out then New York is in by virtue of the better head to head record. Sound confusing? It is. And that’s what makes football sports betting in December so interesting.

So stay tuned to see which two NFC East teams are going to the playoffs.

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