Betting Odds – AFC Divisional round Playoffs NFL

AFCWith just four teams remaining in the AFC things are getting very interesting indeed. After an upset in the wild card round of the playoffs a week ago is there more surprises in the cards for this weekend’s divisional round of competition? The answer is most likely yes and it would seem that fans are in store for another upset on this side of the Super Bowl bracket.

The Jets defied the sports betting odds and knocked off what was thought to be a superior Bengals squad with tough D and a tremendous running game. Could we see that formula work again this week against a heavily favored Chargers squad (-8)?

Possibly. The key to success against the Chargers is shutting down the passing game and with Derrelle Revis blanketing star WR Vincent Jackson, San Diego QB Phil Rivers will have his work cut out for him. But the most likely upset scenario in this weekend’s games appears to the Ravens beating the Colts on the road.

Surely, it’s crazy to bet against NFL MVP Peyton Manning, and the odds wouldn’t really support such a wager after all the Colts are a league best 14-2 an could possibly even finished a perfect 16-0 if they hadn’t pulled their starters. But that’s the thing, the starters were pulled in week 15 and haven’t really played any meaningful football since then.

History speaks for itself and whenever a team takes that many games off and enters the post season with a two-game losing streak, it never wins the Super Bowl. Add to that the fact that Baltimore’s defense is as good as ever and it’s running game is lights out and Indy looks ripe for the upset.

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