Betting on NFL – Preview Saints – Colts Super Bowl Odds

Everyone wants to see an action packed, high-flying, high scoring game on Sunday. Super Bowl odds fans are expecting to see a lot of points as two of the finest betting on NFL QBs take the field. And it’s very likely we’ll see a high scoring affair in the Super Bowl odds this year but it will be Turnovers and not Touchdowns that decides the biggest game in betting on NFL action.

Sports Illustrated online recently ran a very interesting story that outlined just how important TOs were in the post season betting on NFL action. The team that committed the fewest TOs in the NFL post season won 82.9% of the time. Take a minute to process that stat as it is without question the single most import variable in qualifying for the Super Bowl odds.

It’s so simple but yet so often overlooked when discussing betting on NFL action. And it’s much more pronounced than during the regular season. Further, according to SI’s numbers, the more INTs a team throws –and not surprisingly- the less chance of winning it has. But what makes that obvious bit of trivia so interesting is severe correlation it has with qualifying for the Super Bowl odds.

If a team has one INT its chances of winning in the betting on NFL postseason drops to around 50% and if it throws a second INT its chance of winning become miniscule (31%). A second INT is almost certain death in the betting on NFL action and especially so in the Super Bowl odds. Just something to think about as the teams take the field for the Super Bowl odds action. And in case you’re wondering Manning has 17 INTs on the year; Brees just 11 INTs.

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