Betting Spreads – NFC Divisional Playoffs Round NFL Odds

As we enter the divisional playoff round of NFL playoffs we’re seeing some surprising wide betting spreads. With the exception of the Dallas vs Minnesota game (Minny -2 ½) we’re seeing nearly a TD or more spread on the games (-6 ½, -7, -8). History would suggest that these wide spreads aren’t necessarily warranted and in New Orleans and Arizona matchup it’s almost confounding that the Saints are favored by such a wide margin.

Much has been made of the fact that teams like the Colts and Saints could have plenty of rust on them after choosing to sit their starters over the final two games of the season. There are two perspectives to this: one, if gives the teams an advantage as their star players will be well rested; two, it gives the teams a disadvantage because the star players will be rusty.

There have been all kinds of arguments made for or against this strategy but the simple facts do not lie. No team has won a Super Bowl over the past decade and a half that entered the playoffs on a two-game losing streak. Facts are facts. Further, only three teams over that same stretch have won the Super Bowl after entering the post season on even a one-game losing streak.

That could change this year very easily considering that so many of the top seeds in the playoffs enter the postseason on losing skids (Indy, New Orleans, etc). But with Arizona’s passing game looking flawless and New Orleans pass defense awful even on its best days, after nearly a month of inactivity you have to like the Cards chances to at least cover the point spread and possibly even pull off the outright upset.

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