Betting Super Bowl – Saints Underdogs Online Betting

The betting Super Bowl action started out relatively close for a game that has seen some wide spreads over the years. But over the past two weeks, since the Super Bowl online betting matchup was known, the betting spread on this game has gotten wider and wider.

And the Saints, a team that started out something like 4 point underdogs in the betting Super Bowl lines has seen it’s expected disadvantage in the online betting widen out to 6 points –even wider on some sites. So what the impetus behind the bleak betting Super Bowl prognostication? To paraphrase for an oft-used Bill Clinton quote: “it’s Peyton Manning, stupid”.

Obviously what the online betting odds makers are looking at is the Saints statistically poor defense. New Orleans pass defense ranks a wretched 26th out of 32 teams in the NFL. This is a defensive unit that gives up a lot of points and a lot of yards. And against a QB like Manning that passed for 4,500 yards in the regular season and 33 TDs it’s hard not to think that the Colts don’ t have the upper hand in the betting Super Bowl competition.

But the Saints defense is highly deceptive and it just may be that the online betting bookies got it wrong. Granted, these guys are best in the world at what they do but the online betting on the biggest game in the world can be tricky. What betting Super Bowl fans must also take into account when considering the Saints defense is that they also rank first in the NFL thus far in TO (46) and second in INTs (26). And one thing many online betting fans don’t know is that Manning also tossed 16 INTs this season, a hefty sum and something the Saints will look to capitalize on.

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