Brandon Marshall Suspended by Denver NFL Betting Lines

brandon marshallBrandon Marshall was suspended by Denver until September 5th. It seems that he is not happy with the Denver Broncos. The NFL betting fans will be happy with this as the NFL betting lines might alter due to this decision. This wide receiver from the Pro Bowl who has gone public about his discontent with the Broncos was suspended by the team due to incorrect conduct and bad attitude according to Head Coach Josh McDaniels.

Marshall has demanded for him to be transferred to another team and for his contract to be extended. Head Coach McDaniels was the one to inform him of his suspension. And the press informed all NFL betting lines followers.  McDaniels stated that they had tried to handle the situation with Marshall as privately as possible and directly with his agent Kennard McGuire. Unfortunately it has been tough to maintain it like that with the media.

The Denver Broncos took the decision to proceed with suspending Brandon and let the press know that he would be back on September 6th when they start preparing themselves to go against Cincinnati which will be their first game of the regular NFL betting season.

Although the issue with Marshall was not specified to the press, McDaniels did say that after several incidents with him he had been warned about the suspension but that unfortunately that wasn’t enough and had to carry it out.

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