Bucs’ Quest for Perfection

In this season’s NFL betting lines action there is a very clear delineation between the successful teams and the bottom feeders. And there is no mistaking to which group the 2009 Tampa Bucs belongs to. This is an awful with very little talent on the field or in the coaching booth and with a little bit of hard work and determination this team could match Detroit’s dubious distinction of going 0-16.

Sure, there are more than a handful of very bad teams in the NFL betting lines this year so why single out the 0-7 Bucs?

After all the Rams are also 0-7 in the NFL lines and the Titans (0-6) have also yet to savor the taste of victory. All true, but at least the Rams and Titans have reason to think that they might win a game this year.

The Rams have some very strong skill players in Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger and even a few individual talents on defense. And the Titans are bound to win a game soon. This is a team that was 13-3 just a year ago and has pro-bowl players on both sides of the ball.

The Bucs on the other hand have absolutely no reason to believe they will win a game. They have no pro bowl talent, no stand out players and from what we’ve seen from rookie head coach Raheem Morris so far in the NFL betting odds, the coaching is going to steal this team a win any time soon either.

The main difference between the Bucs and the rest of the dreadful NFL teams is that the Bucs have little to no prospect of winning other than relying on good luck.

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