Can anyone beat the Saints?

There are not many times in the NFL season when one team can firmly and legitimately claim the title of the ‘best team’ in the league. But heading into week 13 of the 2009 NFL season no one in their right mind would challenge the notion that the New Orleans Saints are the best team in football.

After decimating an awfully good team, the New England Patriots, in their week 12 meeting in the NFL betting lines there is little to no doubt that this is the undisputed best team in the business at this point in time. That doesn’t mean that this team can’t be beat as any team can have an off day but it does mean that until proven otherwise the Saints are the front runners in the NFL lines battle and the early Super Bowl favorites.

What makes this team so impressive is the fact that it has seemingly no weaknesses. On offense …well, everyone knows what they can do on offense. Aside from scoring a zillion points a game this unit is incredibly well balanced. Try and blitz and your dead. Leave QB Drew Brees with time to throw and your dead. Drop a nickel-back in to coverage and they’ll run you over.

It’s a lose-lose proposition. The defense is equally dangerous. Not only does it keep opponents out of the end zone but it creates turnovers and turns them into points like nobody’s business. The only team right now that has a shot at shutting down the mighty Saints juggernaut is a team like Minnesota which can create pressure with its defensive front and has an offense potent enough to challenge the defense.

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