Can the Saints repeat as the NFL Betting Lines Champion?

Just a few months removed from the end of the 2009-10 NFL betting lines season and the incredible and improbable New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory the sports betting public already wants to know: Can the Saints repeat? The quick and simple answer to this question is: No.

And that’s no knock on the Saints an NFL betting organization or its players, it’s simply that repeating as the Super Bowl betting champion might be the most difficult thing to do in professional team sports. It is extremely rare as only three teams have done in the past three decades, and only one team (the New England Patriots) have done in the era since free agency has taken effect.

Drew Brees is an excellent QB. Sean Peyton has proven to be terrific coach as has his defensive Guru Greg Williams. But it’s takes more than talent alone to win the biggest prize in NFL gambling. It’s takes luck, good health, friendly scheduling and just about a million other uncontrollable variables all lining up perfectly, for a team to win the most important game in NFL betting lines and that’s why it’s so hard for an NFL team to repeat as Super Bowl betting champions.

The Saints also have a few worries of their own heading into the 2010 NFL betting lines action. Brees is set on offense and he’s got plenty of weapons around him in the back field and down field in the passing game. But the team’s defense is suspect, at best, and will be hard pressed to keep football betting opponents under 20 points a game.

The Saints are a team that score a ton of points in a hurry (NFL best 31.9 ppg in 2009 NFL gambling action) and generally do. But it’s very hard for an unbalance team that score but can’t defend to win the Super Bowl. Or even an NFL playoff betting contest for that matter. Any weakness will get exploited by opposing coordinators and when it’s a weakness as big as the Saints on D, you can be sure football betting opponents will make them pay.

The Saints have no pass rush, their corners can’t cover, there’s no safety help down field and their linebacking group is below average. Consider that the team’s defense ranked 19th in the NFL betting action last season in defense and after the departure of several key free agents, the unit (at least on paper) will be even worse than last year. Granted the team’s best defense is Brees controlling the ball and keeping it out of the opposing QBs hands, but that’s not enough to win another Super Bowl betting title.

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