Colt McCoy could be an NFL Draft gift for one lucky team

It wasn’t that long ago that Colt McCoy was the highest rated passer in the 2010 NFL draft class. In fact, just a year ago he was the toast of the college football betting scene and looked as if he would be the #1 pick overall when he finally left the college football betting lines for the NFL betting lines action.

But injuries and somewhat disappointing play have caused his NFL draft stock to plummet and now many NFL draft boards even have him falling behind option QB Time Tebow on the QB depth chart. No offense to Tebow, who has worked tirelessly to prove he can throw against NFL betting-caliber defenses and improved his stock, but McCoy is prototype NFL gambling QB who led one of college football’s top programs with great success. So why is he be projected as a third-round pick by many NFL betting lines authorities?

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The biggest knock on McCoy is that he doesn’t go through his progressions very well and that he needs to look for the second and third options when his primary receiver is covered, but isn’t that problem for every QB entering the NFL Draft coming out of college football betting competition?

The truth is, there isn’t really any good reason why he he’s seen his NFL betting stock drop so quickly. Accuracy is one of the prized attributes for NFL wagering scouts and McCoy has that in spades as he set the college football betting record of pass completion % last season.

Arm strength is a bit of a concern for some NFL betting franchises, but accuracy and a quick release can overcome that flaw. Also, NFL betting scouts points to McCoy’s lack of production in his senior year of college football betting competition, but he also had much less talent to work with at the skill position and at times had to force throws that led INTs.

McCoy is still likely one of the top three QBs in this NFL draft and could be a very nice acquisition for team especially if he falls to the third round or lower.

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