NFL Betting – Colts on the quest for perfection

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Rarely do teams in the NFL betting lines get off to 13-0 starts. Only one team has ever gone 16-0 and no team, until Sunday had ever won more than 21 consecutive games in the regular season. But the Colts are rewriting the NFL history books on a weekly basis and after the big win over the Denver Broncos in week 14 Indy not only locked down a first week bye in the NFL but they also set the league record for consecutive wins at 22.

Heading into week 15 of the NFL betting lines season it’s hard to know how much longer that streak will continue. If you look at the Colt’s NFL lines schedule the there’s not that much to fear. With three games left versus the Jets, Jags and Bills the NFL betting odds that the team will go 16-0 are very good.

That is if the team decides not to rest its stars for the playoffs and ensure their health for the post season. And this is a lot more likely than many fans might think. The wear and tear on a player’s body is incredible and even a few days extra rest can be invaluable. Now that the Colts have clinched home field advantage and a bye this must be very tempting for the coaching staff.

But the team also runs the risk of its starters gathering rust if they sit out too long. No matter what happens, look for the Colts to win out and do so while only playing its starters sparingly.

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