Dez Bryant NFL Draft expects

Perhaps the most intriguing player heading into this year’s NFL draft is Oklahoma State’s star WR Dez Bryant. This is a player that is tremendous risk in some NFL betting lines expert books, not worth even looking at until the second round; and yet he’s a top three pick according to other NFL betting gurus. That the perception of a player can vary so greatly from one opinion to the next is interesting indeed and because it does vary so widely, Bryant could take a draft day tumble and make some team very lucky and very happy to be able to land his services relatively cheap.

Heading into his junior season of college football betting competition NFL betting lines experts had him rated among the top WR talent in the country. And after a month of action in the college he had separated himself from the rest of the class as the top WR prospect in the NFL draft. And then he got suspended.

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With discipline Nazi Roger Goodell now at the helm of the NFL teams hyper-sensitive about the character of the players they put on their roster to compete in the NFL betting. And with good reason as some NFL players have behaved like animals off the field and tarnished the league’s reputation.

However, the offense that warranted Bryant’s suspension was concealing the truth about a meeting he had with Deon Sanders. But in the crazy world of college football betting competition you’re better off going on a mass killing spree than lying to the omnipotent NCAA authorities.

Bryant has overcome ridiculous hardship already in his young life (his mother gave birth to him at age 12) and any questions about his character seem misguided at best.

But what makes him a prize in this year’s NFL draft is his ability to impact an NFL betting competition not his character. He’s got terrific size for an impact receiver 6’2” 220 lbs and is a blazer. He’s got great ball skills and is an effective route runner.

On almost every NFL draft board his talent has him listed as a top five talent and it would be like winning the football betting lottery for any team in the second half of the first round if he were to slip that far on draft day.

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