Edwards Will Make Jets a Better Team

jetsRookie QB Mark Sanchez been impressive in the NFL betting lines. But he can’t do it all by himself as evidenced in week 4’s loss to New Orleans. With the addition of Braylon Edwards at WR some of the enormous NFL betting lines pressure will be taken off the youngster’s shoulders and with a proven weapon on the outside this offense will be even more effective than before.

Coach Rex Ryan has good luck all season and tremendous support from the front office which traded away a king’s ransom to get the talented but inconsistent Edwards in the biggest trade of the NFL lines so far this year.

The former pro-bowl receiver should be a 1,000 yard 10 TD receiver every year. He is also a particularly dangerous weapon working the red zone and has great ball awareness in jump ball situations. But at the cost of the team’s number two receiver a linebacker and a third and a fifth round pick is he really worth it?

Hard to say in the short-term. But is this Jets offense better right in the NFL lines because of the trade? Absolutely yes.

Leading receiver Jericho Cotchery and Chancey Stuckey are both middle of the field type receivers –some of the best in the NFL betting odds. But because both of them plied their trade over the middle it meant less ground for the D to cover and easier to game plan against.

Edwards opens up the outside which stretches the field. This makes Sanchez’s job easier and potent O even more efficient.

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