Garcia Back in Philly

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Jeff garciaAt NFL betting we know that with the national unemployment rate hovering at nearly 10% jobs aren’t easy to come by –unless you’re a master of the West Coast offense and beloved by Eagles fans.  Just ask Jeff Garcia who after losing his last job in Oakland has found a place of employment with the quarterback starved Eagles after only a week of unemployment.

This is a great fit for the team and the player.  Garcia -whose previous stint in the City of Brotherly Love was so successful in the NFL betting lines he nearly ran Donovan McNabb out of town- is arguably the most popular QB the team’s had since Randal Cunningham.  And despite his age, he’s still one of the best in the League at running the West Coast offense and the NFL betting odds.

While Garcia’s production has dropped off in the past few years he’s an ideal candidate to come out of the bullpen for a few NFL betting odds games at a stretch.  He’s a also a system QB that makes good decisions and could run this offense in his sleep.

With third-year QB Kevin Kolb a serviceable back up at best the team needs someone that can step in and start with and actually give the team a chance to win.  Garcia fits that role nicely.  With McNabb banged up with a broken rib and second-stringer Michael Vick serving a two-game suspension –and lacking knowledge of the offense- Andy Reid has a potential nightmare on his hands.

Garcia’s arrival should help the man sleep at night and keep Philly on a winning track against the NFL lines until McNabb is 100% healthy again.

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