Miami Dolphins NFL Draft needs are great

The Miami Dolphins need major help in this year’s NFL Draft. No team in the history of NFL betting has staged as big of a turnaround in one season that the 2008 Miami Dolphins, a team that went from 1-15 the previous year to winning the AFC East and making the NFL betting playoff two football betting seasons ago.

But if the team’s mediocre 2009 performance in the NFL standings taught us anything, it’s that the ;08 wasn’t really as good as its football betting record claimed it to be and the strength of the NFL wagering schedule plays a major role in a tams ultimate success in the NFL betting competition.

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And that’s exactly why the Dolphins need to pick up a few key players in the upcoming NFL draft. There is no better way to rebuild a team than to draft them, however, this process can also take time and that’s not a luxury this hodge-podge Miami franchise has. With aging veterans at several of its key positions this team needs to find a way to upgrade immediately before the older players can no longer contribute to winning NFL wagering matchups.

The team recently signed free agent MLB Karlos Dansby and filled a major need for this team to be successful in the upcoming football betting season. Now the most pressing football wagering needs for this team are safety and wide receiver. And these will almost certainly be addressed by the team in the NFL Draft.

According to NFL betting lines experts the top receiver in the NFL Draft this year is Okalhoma State’s Dez Bryant. He’s a top ten pick and almost universally expected to be a star by people in the football wagering community. He’d be the perfect WR for young QB Chad Henne and capable of stretching the field and opening up the running game as well.

The only problem is the Dolphins have the #12 pick in the NFL Draft and Bryant could very well be off the board by then. At safety there are a number of intriguing options and fortunately for Dolphins this is a position where players can contribute immediately to the team’s NFL wagering success.

  1. tommy
    March 26th, 2010 at 13:01 | #1

    Do you really have to say “betting” or “wagering” in every sentence? I know this is a betting website but we get it already.

  2. tmart
    March 26th, 2010 at 15:35 | #2

    I like how you guys’ used an old ass picture of Ricky Williams with dreads

  3. alex
    March 26th, 2010 at 19:27 | #3

    Dolphins need big recievers,one or two more should do it.Henne needs phisical guys that cant be push around so much and that should take us deep in the playoffs,why you might ask,because we already have a young and tallented defense that will come into thier own this up comeing season,with an arm and talent that henne has and the defense handling thier own,the dolphins will make some noise this upcoming 2010 season. one love “islandking”

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