Michael Vick vs. Mark Sanchez

markNFL lines will change as Michael Vick is destined have more action with the Eagles near the end of the preseason. Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid announced that Michael Vick will play in the second half of their last preseason game against the New York Jets. This game will take place next Thursday. The NFL betting lines on the Eagles will reflect his presence in the game.

Reid has taken the decision to put Kevin Kolb as the starting quarterback to give Donovan McNabb a break on the fourth week of the NFL preseason. Vick will play some minutes in the first half of the game and will have full action in the second half. NFL betting lines fans will also see AJ Feeley have some action towards the end of the game.

Michael Vick will still have to serve his suspension on the first games of the NFL regular season, but will still have the chance this Thursday to measure his abilities against rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez was recently named starting quarterback for the Jets for this NFL regular season 2009.

Both Vick and Sánchez have had good action on their recent games. NFL betting fans are eager to see what these two gentlemen can do for their team. The game will take place in the Giant Stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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