NFL Betting – NFC Wild Card Playoff Scenario

The best thing about NFL betting is the potential for upset. Sports fans love it because they love to cheer for the underdog. Sports betting fans love it because it’s a great chance to win some bank. And in this season’s NFL post season betting lines there are plenty of opportunity for teams to pull off an upset.

With the early betting lines so tight in the NFC wildcard round it’s hard to call any team a prohibitive favorite or label any other team a major underdog. Dallas is the closest thing to a favorite with a +4 in the NFL odds against the Philly Cheese Steaks. The Arizona Cardinals are a slim +1 at home versus the Wisconsin Cheese Heads.

There should be little doubt that Dallas is the better team in the Saturday game as they’ve already decimated the Eagles twice and playing as well-balanced football as we’ve seen out of that franchise since they won their Super Bowls in the 1990s. Still beating a team three times in one season is about as difficult thing as there is to do in the NFL, so there’s that.

Still, if any team is to beat the NFL spread as underdog it would seem like the Pack is the team. Covering a miniscule 1-point spread isn’t such a huge feat but beating the playoff seasoned Cardinals would be. If you’re going to wager on any underdog team this year in the NFC wildcard round the smartest play would be to pick the Green Bay Packers over the Arizona Cardinals barring any Dallas meltdown, which as NFL fans know has certainly happened before.

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