NFL Betting – AFC Playoff

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The first whistle of the first game of the AFC playoff round has yet to be blown and yet here we are already discussing possible outcomes and divisional round matchups. Well, why not. Half the fun of being a sports fanatic is imagining the different scenarios and sports betting is all but predicated on such things.

In the New England-Baltimore NFL betting matchup there are many different scenarios that could emerge. But with Tom Brady playing with broken bones, a broken index finger and God knows what else kind of damages it’s hard to see this team advancing in the NFL lines competition. As good as he is the Ravens are a much more balanced team and Ray Rice looks poised to have a huge day. And don’t forget the impact that a healthy Ed Reed can have on this game. Ravens are through.

In the Saturday matchup things could get interesting. The Jets are a hot team playing with some momentum and confidence. If they believe what their coach tells them the 2009 Jets are greatest team since the ’76 Steelers but it’s also a flawed team with an awful QB. Look for the Bengals to take the wind out of their sails in this one despite what happened at Giants Stadium in week 17.

Bengals will advance. If those scenarios hold true the Ravens would face the Colts in Indy in the divisional round of the sports betting and the Bengals would travel to sunny San Diego to face the Chargers.

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