NFL Betting – AFC Wild Card Race

December 26th, 2009 by Leave a comment Go to comments

For those who say parity is dead in the NFL betting, please view Exhibit A: the AFC Wildcard race. There are so many teams still in the running for the last two spots in the playoffs and so many statistical possibilities that you practically need a PhD in quantum physics to decipher it all. But to put it simply it’s going to be a mad scramble over the last two weeks of the football betting lines in the AFC.

After week 15 action, if the sports betting playoffs were to start today the Denver Broncos (8-6) and the Baltimore Ravens (8-6) would grab the two wild cards in the AFC. Easy enough. But there are 6 six teams (Pittsburgh, Miami, NY Jets, Houston, Tennessee and Jacksonville) that are all just a game behind in the sports betting standings at 7-7.

But as you probably already digested there are only two games remaining on the schedule and so all the Ravens and Broncos would need to do is win out. But that’s a big ‘IF’. With teams falling left and right and every game taking on new significance and added pressure nothing is guaranteed in the final two weeks of the season.

Add to that the fact that many of these eight teams in the AFC wild card scramble are still going to face each other in the next 14 days it’s all but impossible to try and handicap this race. Sufficient to say, this could be one of the most exciting finishes to the regular season AFC schedule that we have seen in years. So stay tuned and don’t miss a second of the NFL betting lines action.

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