NFL Betting – Big 12 well represented in upcoming NFL Draft

The Big 12 may have earned itself a reputation of under forming in big games in the college football betting odds in recent years but in terms of producing top-quality NFL draft entrants, this conference takes a back seat to no one in the college football gambling.

The knock on the Big 12 is that it lacks the athleticism and speed of other top-tier conferences in college football betting. But sports betting fan need only look over the hundreds of mock drafts posted on online betting sites this year to realize that even though this conference hasn’t taken home a national college football wagering title in a few years, it’s a major pipeline for talent in the NFL betting lines.

You don’ t have to be a NFL betting lines expert to realize that Big 12 players dominate the top of the NFL draft boards for sports betting fans and NFL franchises alike. Of the three players that are considered possible picks at the #1 spot overall in the upcoming NFL draft, (Ndamuking Suh, Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy), all three are from the Big 12.

Further, the glance through the myriad mock drafts posted by online betting sites and various fan sites and the predictions are riddled with talented Big 12 players as well. Offensive lineman Russel Okung and Trent Williams both grade out as top 20 picks, maybe even top 10 picks, according to most NFL betting lines experts.

TE Jermaine Grisham will certainly be called on the first day of the draft and talented WR Dez Bryant was the best receiver in college football betting this past season and will certainly be a top 10 pick. And that’s to say nothing of QBs Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy, players that have dominated online betting discussions for the past few years and will destined for NFL draft success.

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