NFL Betting Lines – 2010 NFL Draft Loaded with RB riches

If you’re looking for a RB in this year’s NFL draft than you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. The 2010 NFL draft class is as loaded with RB talent as any NFL Drafts in recent memory. But with less value being put on the position than in years past and a crop of talented NFL betting free agent RBs also available it will be interesting to see how many RBs go in the early rounds.

The thing about the RBs in this NFL draft class is not just the fact that they’re talented, but this group is also extremely fast. Take for example Cal’s Jahvid Best and Clemson’s CJ Spiller, both of these backs are among the highest rated in NFL betting lines circles and both are track stars. At the NFL betting lines combine both ran in the mid 4.3s.

Those two players are not only fact but also elusive and both have huge potential to be game breakers, to potentially score every time they touch the ball. But this year’s NFL draft also features north-south runners as well such Georgia Tech’s Jonathan Dwyer, Stanford’s Toby Garhardt.

These are big backs with speed but that can also blast a hole between the tackles. Potentially there is probably a half dozen RB prospects in this year’s NFL draft that grade out a Round 1 level, but due to the glut in the market we’ll probably see teams be able to snatch up top talent in the later rounds.

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