NFL Betting Lines – Colts to Win Super Bowl

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It’s all come down to this. After off-season workouts, training camp, the preseason and months of grueling NFL competition all the marbles are on line the two teams that qualified for the Super Bowl. And what a Super show down it is as two of the most exciting teams in the NFL betting lines will take the field to decide which team is the best in the NFL odds.

This is close matchup in the online betting world and either team has a good a good chance of winning. But for the Colts to win the franchise’s second Super Bowl in four seasons there are several things that must go right. First, the Colts O-line has to protect Peyton Manning.

This is a given for any team, but especially for the Colts, a team that is ultra-dependent on the QB (39 pass attempts and just 24 run attempts in the AFC title game). Manning is the entire offense and accounts for nearly ¾ of the team’s offense. Second, the Colts monster DE’s Mathis and Freeney must get pressure on Drew Brees. Brees helms the highest scoring offense in the league and the teams that have had success against the Saints have done it by harassing Brees.

The speed of the Colts defense bodes well in this matchup as they’ll be able to contain weapons like Reggie Bush from getting to the outside. But Brees must be disrupted in the pocket or he could have a big day passing. Third, the Colts cannot afford to turn the ball over. The Saints D was second in the NFL in INTs (26) and makes its living picking off passes and setting up scores. Manning is not generally turnover-prone but he’s got to be extra careful against this ball hawking secondary.

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