NFL Betting Lines: Handicapping Defensive Linemen

defensive menNFL betting lines are handicapped with attention to individual players which is focused on playmakers instead of players like defensive linemen.

However, defensive linemen provide the foundation for any defense and therefore deserve careful consideration as you analyze .  As you consider defensive linemen in your handicapping of NFL betting lines you should also pay attention to related issues such as the weather and characteristics of opposing quarterbacks.

NFL betting lines should always be analyzed with at least some attention directed toward defensive linemen because a defense without a strong defensive line will regularly be picked apart.  The defensive line is responsible for closing gaps that opposing runners can rush through and also putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  Failing to do either of these jobs well means that gamblers should likely be favoring the opposing team as they handicap the NFL lines.  On the other hand, when you are analyzing NFL betting lines involving a team with a strong defensive line, then you know that the opposing offense featured in the NFL betting lines will have trouble scoring.

Veteran handicappers who have been evaluating NFL betting lines for many years know that a strong defensive line is the key to a strong defense.  If the defensive line does its job then it is much easier for other defensive players, like cornerbacks, to perform well.  Because defensive linemen are so important, they should be factored into your handicapping whether you are looking at sides in the NFL betting lines or totals in the NFL betting lines.

When you are considering the potential of a defensive line as you handicap NFL betting lines there are some other related factors you should acknowledge.  For instance, all handicappers know that the weather is an important variable that must be considered as they evaluate NFL lines.  However, the weather is particularly important when you are considering defensive linemen, as defensive lines are typically most effective on dry fields, because on wet fields they lose traction and have trouble reaching the quarterback.

Consequently, as you handicap NFL betting lines you should consider how the predicted weather conditions will impact a given defensive line.  Also, as you handicap the NFL lines you should recognize the characteristics of an opposing quarterback.  Some quarterbacks have trouble getting rid of the ball quickly enough, and such players will naturally struggle against a defensive line known for bringing lots of pressure.  Therefore, if you are assessing the NFL betting lines for a game involving a strong, fast defensive line against a slow quarterback, then you should evaluate the NFL betting lines with the knowledge that the slow quarterback is going to be hit regularly.

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