NFL Betting Lines – Jets playing at Colts NFL Odds

The AFC title game is one of the strangest matchups you’re likely to see. The Colts are the cream of the American Conference (14-2) and nearly pulled off just the second perfect 16-game season. The Jets (9-7) are the junk, squeaking into the playoffs on the last day of the season after Indy gifted them a win in week 16.

But here they are in the NFL betting lines conference title game and the weirdness doesn’t stop there. Perhaps the oddest element of this NFL odds contest is the fact these are the two most one-dimensional offenses in sports betting. Generally all we hear is that an offense must be balanced, to have ability to run as well as throw in order to win the big game, but these teams are a far cry from balanced.

Take for example the Jets, the top rushing team in online betting (172.3 ypg) and 31st in the NFL in passing (162.3 ypg); somehow eclipsing the horrific Browns in this category. And then look at the Colts, second best in the NFL throwing the ball at 287.6 ypg and absolutely last in league in rushing (80.9 ypg). So much for offensive balance. Perhaps it’s that these teams are so good at what they do that defenses, even though know in advance what the offense will do, simply can’t stop them.

That’s a very powerful tool heading into big games. If one team is able to impose its will on another the game is already won. Both defenses in this game have proven adept, thus far, at shutting down both run-heavy and pass heavy offenses, respectively, but for one of these teams that will change on Sunday as someone has to emerge victorious. But take note of this matchup as we’re not likely to see this type of offense imbalance again in our lifetime.

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