NFL Betting Lines: Monitoring a Quarterback’s Growth

nfl quarterbackNFL betting lines are always handicapped with special attention paid to quarterbacks, as they have such an important role in the result of any game.  Because quarterbacks play such a large role, it frequently takes new quarterbacks many years to adapt to life in the NFL, yet many handicappers evaluating the NFL lines fail to acknowledge this fact.

However, it is very important to allow quarterbacks time to grow and for gamblers analyzing NFL betting lines to foresee yearly improvements in young quarterbacks as the gamblers examine the NFL betting lines. NFL betting lines involving rookie quarterbacks are always handicapped with the understanding that most quarterbacks fail to achieve much in their rookie years.

Being an NFL quarterback is arguably the most difficult job in all of professional sports, and it is simply too difficult to master in one year.  Consequently, when you are looking at NFL betting lines for a rookie quarterback you should always remember that he will stumble frequently in his first season, regardless of how skillful he seemed when playing in the NCAA.

However, even one season is not enough for most quarterbacks to acclimate to the NFL, and you will have to continue factoring a quarterback’s inexperience into the NFL lines for numerous seasons.  In fact, some quarterbacks need five or six seasons to develop and they sometimes continue improving for a whole decade.

Because such improvement among young quarterbacks is natural, it should be fully understood when you are assessing NFL betting lines.  Each year, in fact, as you handicap NFL betting lines you should presume that a young quarterback will have made improvements upon the previous year.  This insight into the NFL betting lines can be particularly important if you are handicapping the NFL betting lines offered at the beginning of a season about how many wins each team will achieve.

An accurate forecast on the improvements of a team quarterback can greatly improve your ability to handicap such NFL lines.  Nevertheless, recognizing quarterback improvement is important to handicapping NFL betting lines throughout the entire season.

Too many gamblers fall into the trap of assuming a young quarterback is worthless after only his first season in the league.  These gamblers therefore underestimate the quarterback when evaluating NFL betting lines in subsequent years.  Sometimes this error can be a result of unfairly high expectations for a quarterback when he enters the league.

Therefore, as you handicap the NFL lines it is best to expect many problems in the first season, but also anticipate constant improvement for numerous years.  By doing so, you will likely have a fairly accurate perception of a quarterback’s skills throughout his career and, consequently, be better prepared to analyze his NFL betting lines.
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