NFL Betting Lines – NFL Draft full of surprises

If there is one certainty in the NFL draft it is uncertainty. The upcoming draft is now just a month away and already the hundreds of mock draft boards put on line from everyone from respectable sports publications to NFL betting lines sites have changed dozens of times over the past few weeks. And that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to the NFL draft.

The reason for that is simple: no one knows which player is going to be drafted at which spot, not even the NFL betting teams themselves. All the teams know which players they’d like to take but every team, with the exception of the awful team that wins the dubious right to select first in the NFL draft is dependent on the actions of the teams that precede it. And for that very reason the football draft is the most exciting in all of professional sports betting and all but impossible to predict. But is sure is fun to try.

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And for that very reason sports betting fans love creating a million different mock draft scenarios and checking out other possible draft scenarios listed on online betting sights. This affinity for mock drafting has actually grown into a cottage industry for the online betting sites and now fans of the NFL draft can actually bet on where they think players will be taken and wager on their favorite football betting team’s selection as well.

It’s a perfect fit and a fantastic development for fans of football gambling. During the month of March the NFL gambling scene is all but dead and wagering on the NFL draft not only provides football fans with a source of entertainment but it’s also a valuable way to keep up on NFL teams and prepare for the upcoming football betting lines competition in the fall.

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