NFL Betting Lines – NFL Draft is top among Pro Sports Drafts

The NFL draft is the most interesting and most widely followed of all the major sporting drafts in the US. For whatever reason NFL betting lines fans flock to the Internet checking out mock drafts for weeks, sometimes even months, before the big event takes place.

No other major league sport enjoys the same type of following as the NFL draft and this year should be as exciting as it’s ever been. In recent years there have been some changes to the draft format which most NFL betting lines fans agree has improved the event. The most visible change has been moving the start of the draft to a Friday and stretching the NFL draft action over three days.

This allows for the first two rounds to be televised on a week while the successive rounds are played out over two days. That makes for a better audience as many people, no matter how big of NFL betting lines they might be, have a hard time sitting through two straight days of drafting. By breaking up the action the NFL has made this unique event more fan friendly.

The other change made in recent years was limiting the time between picks to speed up the action. This has also made the viewing much more pleasurable. The NFL draft now has no peers when it comes to major sports drafts. The NBA draft is just two rounds and most people stop watching after the lottery picks.

The MLB draft is way too long and the NHL draft generally isn’t accessible as it’s aired on little known cable networks, if at all. This year the NFL’s draft will be the king of drafts once again.

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