NFL betting Lines on Pittsburgh Defense

pittsburgh steelersAfter becoming the team with the best defensive line of the season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the best rankings even in on the fantasy NFL league and in the NFL betting lines.

Last season was one of the best seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only did they become the first franchise to accumulate six Super Bowl rings, but also achieved the title for the best defensive line in the NFL betting lines. Thanks to players like Troy Polamalu and Casey Hampton, their defensive line has places itself in first place on the Fantasy Leagues on the NFL for the regular season 2009.

About a week ago, Casey Hampton, defensive leader had to abandon the training camp due to a severe knee injury. Coach Mike Tomlin assured though that his nose tackle would recuperate very fast and that there would be no necessity to place him on the injury list. Nevertheless, this arouses questions as to how competent the defensive line would be without Hampton and how this would affect the NFL betting lines. Last season Hampton missed three games due to a delicate groin injury.

Fortunately, Pittsburgh defense line was able to overcome several obstacles during the first weeks into the preseason as reflected in the NFL betting lines. They show that they are coming strong with all they got for the regular season. Thanks to this, the Steelers have been able to maintain first place in the fantasy rankings over the Ravens and the Giants.

Last season Pittsburgh came around with 283 tackles and 11 sacks which ended as the best results in the 2008 NFL betting lines. Even if Bryant McFadden will now play with Arizona, the defensive line and strategy of the Steelers remains strong and is very well prepared to commence a new season 2009 against the Cardinals on September 13th.

NFL betting Lines at the SBG Global sportsbook has the Steelers vs Bills game -4½ and with a Total of 36½

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