NFL Betting Lines – Super Bowl NFL Odds

It’s not often in sports that the fans get the matchups that they want. There always seems to be some way that the sporting gods intervene and ruin what would otherwise be a perfect matchup. But in this year’s Super Bowl the fans are finally getting what the fans wanted (unless of course you’re a member of the depraved contingency of Jets fans).

But Jets fans be damned, as this year’s big game NFL betting lines matchup, at least on paper, is as exciting as it’s been in decades. Two of the best QBs in the game, one of the them perhaps the greatest of all time; two of the best offenses in all of the NFL odds; and two teams that you can’t help but root for; these are the makings of one helluva a good Super Bowl NFL odds experience.

The New Orleans Saints have captivated the collective imagination of NFL fandom ever since this team sprang forth in the ruins of Hurricane Katrina and not only put one of its best seasons together on the field but lifted the hopes of an entire city. And now, four years later the team is in its first Super Bowl ever, thanks to the inspired play of QB Drew Brees. A Hollywood screen writer couldn’t create a more compelling story line.

And then there’s the Colts. Led one of the finest QBs to ever play the game this is a team that has something to prove after they became the laughingstock of the online betting world for resting its starters over the final two games of the season instead of pursuing a perfect 16-0 record. But aside from all the colorful story lines the heart of matter remains the same: these are two excellent football teams and fans should see some very fine competition executed at a very high level.

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