NFL Betting Lines: Teams With Offense But No Defense

nfl playesNFL betting lines are handicapped differently for each team, as each NFL squad has its own particular strengths and weaknesses.

While most teams are fairly balanced in their offensive and defensive abilities, there are always a few teams whose NFL lines you must handicap knowing that their offense is far superior to their defense.

The NFL betting lines for such teams are best handicapped by carefully considering the opponent featured in the NFL betting lines and considering what type of point total will be observed.

NFL betting lines for teams that focus on offensive power are often set in accordance with such a team’s aerial attack. Such is the case because many offensive teams are also passing teams, focused on putting quick points on the board and moving across the field quickly. 

Those gamblers handicapping the NFL betting lines know that such teams win not by stopping their opponents, but rather by outscoring them.  When these offensive teams are clicking, they can provide amazing value in the NFL lines because the teams regularly blow out their opponents.

However, when the offense falters then there is nothing else to fall back on and these teams can lose by huge margins. Therefore, as you handicap the NFL betting lines it is important to pay particular attention to how well the offense will fare against its opposing defense, as this is the match up that will determine where the value lies in the NFL betting lines. Also, when a strong offensive team is an underdog, if you find value in the NFL betting lines then there may be even better value in the money line NFL betting lines, because you know that when the team is playing well it can win big games.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day such teams typically offer only limited value in the NFL betting lines. Even if such teams can achieve some amazing victories and provide wonderful entertainment, veteran handicappers of NFL betting lines generally believe that it takes a strong defense to win a championship. Going undefeated throughout the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl is simply a herculean task for any team, let alone a team with a feeble defense.

Also, when you are evaluating NFL betting lines for teams with especially strong offenses and weak defenses, you should often pay attention to the totals. These NFL lines will naturally be set fairly high, so your job in handicapping the NFL betting lines is to determine whether the team can really cover such high NFL lines.

Your handicapping strategy should similarly focus on the strong offense and its opposing defense. However, you should not be afraid to bet on the under, even when the NFL betting lines involve a high-scoring team, as the NFL betting lines will be set to accommodate such a team’s strengths.

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