NFL Betting Lines – The battle for #1 heats up NFL Draft

It’s not only a great honor and a matter of pride to be taken with the number one NFL draft pick overall, but it’s a matter of cash as well. Everyone would to gain the distinction of being chosen first in the NFL betting lines competition but it’s also a difference of several million dollars, if not more, as the top player taken in the NFL draft significantly out earns the second and third overall picks and so forth.

For months Ndamukong Suh has been the consensus number overall pick on every NFL betting lines board on the Internet. And why not? He’s a prototypical DT that can collapse the pocket and stuff the run and is exceptionally adept at getting sacks up the middle –a rarity in NFL betting lines competition.

But after the NFL Draft Combine it seems as though he’ll have some competition for that number one spot. Oklahoma product and fellow DT Gerald McCoy has now surpassed Suh on some of the draft boards as the likely first pick overall by the St Louis Rams. McCoy has basically all the same talents as Suh but is widely thought to be the better run stuffer and perhaps better suited for the Rams 4-3 defense.

But it may not be a DT at all that takes is taken first in the NFL Draft. If history is any guide a QB could also very easily sneak into the top spot on draft day. McCoy’s teammate QB Sam Bradford is widely considered a very real prospect at the number one spot as the Rams have little talent at that spot and Bradford is seen as the consensus number one at that spot.

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