NFL Betting Lines – Which QB do you take in the NFL Draft

NFL DraftIt wasn’t all that long ago that this year’s potential NFL draft class of QBs was on par with the legendary NFL betting lines class of ’84. That monumental NFL draft class forever altered the NFL betting lines landscape by producing QBs like Dan Marino, John Kelly and John Elway.

But as anyone who saw the 2009 college football season play out knows, nobody is comparing this NFL draft class of 2010 to that great class anymore. Injuries, disappointing seasons and bad luck conspired to knock down the NFL betting lines grade on almost all the QBs. Still there are some talented QBs in this year’s class and several that warrant first round considerations.

The best of the bunch is Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford. He had an injury riddled and mediocre season his senior year in Norman. But NFL scouts are confident that his shoulder injuries are nothing to worry about. He’s accurate, has a strong arm and a prototypical NFL QB build. Many NFL betting lines personnel have Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen rated as one of the top two QBs in the draft but that’s not the case.

On the plus side he’s familiar with a pro style offense and has proven he can make good reads at the line. But physically, he doesn’t throw have good arm strength, he’s not that accurate. He threw a ton of INTs in college and much of the deep ball yardage he picked up in college was the result of his receivers make great plays on poor throws. Colt McCoy has slid off the radar of most teams but he’s still a better prospect than the recently trumpeted Clausen.

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