NFL Betting – NFL Draft offers insight to betting fans

No other sport in the world of online gambling offers as much intrigue, as much excitement or as much of glimpse of things to come than the NFL draft. Rookies can have a major impact on the NFL betting lines and sports betting fans taking in the NFL draft will bear witness to the future of the NFL gambling landscape as the selections unfold.

Think of Marino going to the Dolphins, Manning drafted by the Colts or Sanders to the Lions. These are just three of the many players taken over the years in the NFL draft that not only went on to become the faces of their respective franchises but players that also re-wrote the football betting landscape.

This year there is likely to be many players taken in the seven rounds of the best draft in online betting that will go on to have a major impact on NFL betting lines in the upcoming NFL betting season and many seasons beyond. Widely heralded as perhaps the deepest pool of football talent in the online betting era there is bound to be at least a handful of superstars plucked from this year’s Draft.

Will it be DT Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska? Strong-armed Sam Bradford of Oklahoma? Super receiver Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State? Who knows? But as anyone familiar with betting on the NFL knows it’s just as likely that ten years down the road the top player taken from this year’s draft class just might be someone that no one is talking about that and that’s part of what makes online betting NFL betting the most exciting sports gambling endeavor out there.

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