NFL Betting – Preview Ravens at Colts Sports Betting

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Rarely can one player make or break a defense in the NFL betting lines. With 11 players on the field and incredibly complex defensive schemes being called success at stopping an opposing offense depends on a high level of execution by every single player. But there are handful of truly great players out there, Ed Reed being one of them, that so far transcend their position on the field that that they can greatly impact a game by their individual play.

In the 2010 NFL odds season we saw just how important the safety position can be on the field. Take for example the aging Darren Sharper and the role he played in the New Orleans Saints sports betting success, intercepting 9 passes, returning 3 of those for TDs and in several games single-handedly winning the games with the turnovers and points he created.

Or perhaps an even starker example of the impact of a top rated safety is the loss of Troy Polamalu for the world champion Steelers. Without him, one of the best defenses in the history of NFL online betting, according to the statistics blew six fourth quarter leads and missed the playoffs. Ed Reed is one of the rare players that take over a game on defense.

His ball-hawking ability will keep Peyton Manning honest and his ability to help stuff the run will limit what the Colts can do out of the play action. But more than anything it’s Reeds’ innate ability to make big plays, to pick off passes and return them for big yards that can change the outcome of a game. Manning is the best in the business at what he does, but so is Reed. And now that Reed is close to 100% he could have a major impact on this game.

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