NFL Draft – CB Will be a huge priority in the NFL Draft

2010 NFL Draft1A decade ago it you wanted to create a successful NFL gambling team you needed to things: a strong running game and a strong defense. These days the that formula has been turned on its on its head and if you want to win NFL gambling championships in the 21st century you need a good QB and good passing game.

Everyone in the league is now going over their NFL Draft board looking for the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or Drew Brees to build their offense around. But the emergence of pass heavy offenses in the NFL gambling competition has also profoundly affected the defense in the NFL as well.

More teams are playing 3-4 defenses now in order to allow more pass coverage on the field at any given time and CB, once an afterthought in most people’s mind might just be the most important defensive position on the field. Consider that the winner of this year’s NFL Defensive Player of the year went to a CB. The runner up was also a CB.

That means the focus on the CB position this year in the 2010 NFL draft will be as intense as it’s ever been. Florida CB Joe Hayden grades out as the best shutdown CB in the NFL draft and will taken in the top ten, even if he struggled a bit at the pre-NFL draft combine. But he’s proven his talent shutting down WRs in the SEC for three years and will likely do more of the same in the NFL. The beauty of the CB position is that players can step in immediately and make a difference their rookie year. And that’s why so many teams are willing to reach in the first round for a quality CB.

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