NFL Draft: How may Qbs will go in the first round?

The QB class of ’10 is one of the most intriguing in recent NFL draft memory. Not so much for the talent of quality, but for the evolution and changes that the QBs and the group have gone through over the past 12 months of NFL gambling experts scrutiny. The only constant about the 2010 NFL draft QB class has been Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford at the top, but with the NFL draft still two days off, maybe even that could change before the first player is taken.

After the 2009 college football betting season this QB class was receiving as much NFL betting hype as any in memory. It was being compared to the likes of the legendary 1983 NFL draft that produces three Hall of Fame QBs, NFL gambling legends Jim Kelly, John Elway and Dan Marino. Players like Colt McCoy, Bradford, Tim Tebow and others had NFL betting scouts drooling.

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But the 2009 college football betting season was full of injuries and disappointment and the stock of this class as a whole took a hit. Bradford missed most of the action but still retained his #1 ranking among the QBs by NFL gambling experts. Tebow and McCoy fell off the face of the NFL draft map. Junior Jimmy Clausen also entered the mix when he declared for the NFL draft early after an impressive statistical season at Notre Dame.

But in the months that have gone by since the end of the NCAA football wagering season there have been more seismic shifts in the QB landscape and now it’s very possible that instead of Bradford being the only QB taken in the first round of the NFL draft, we could three, maybe even four QBs names’ called on Thursday.

Bradford seems a lock at the #1 pick overall according to almost every single online betting site. It seems as if Clausen grades out at Round 1 status on most NFL gambling sites as well. The big surprise and most likely the third QB to go in Round 1 is Tebow. No players’ NFL draft stock has risen as quickly as Tebow’s in the past two months and most football betting experts have Tebow going between picks 20-45 –maybe even higher.

And even though there hasn’t been a lot press about McCoy, many NFL draft experts could now seem him going in the late first round by a team looking to develop their QB position for the future. All told, we’ll see at least two QBs going Round 1 of the NFL draft and perhaps as many as four.

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