NFL Draft – RB’s to watch in the NFL Draft NFL Gambling

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Usually one of the glamour spots in the NFL Draft, this year’s class doesn’t really have any attention grabbing running backs. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t RB talent in this year’s draft and in fact a few lucky teams will be able to get great talent at lower draft slots, according to NFL gambling draft experts, as under the radar RBs will still be around in the later rounds.

Right now there are two to three RBs that could go in the first round of the NFL draft. At the top of that list is Clemson RB CJ Spiller. Spiller is not a big back by any means and some NFL gambling gurus even question whether or not he’ll be able to be an every down back. And he might not be but that doesn’t’ mean he won’t be productive. He’ll play from day one thanks to his blazing speed and quickness.

The bonus here is that he’s extremely versatile and can return kicks and punts as well line up wide as a receiver. Jahvid Best of Cal is another likely first rounder. He’s a similar player to Spiller, very quick and deceptively fast, yet durability is an issue and a team may not want to drop their first pick on a player that might not be an every down guy or is chronically injured. For NFL gambling fans that like big backs there’s also plenty that in this year’s NFL draft.

Georgia Tech’s Jonathon Dwyer is a massive north-south runner who has ran over ACC defenses for the past three years. The only knock is that he plays out in an option style offense and won’t have those kinds of lanes in the NFL. And the dark horse of this RB class is Stanford power back Toby Gerhardt. He’s a Mike Alstott clone and could have a similar career.

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