NFL Draft – Top Defensive Prospects NFL Gambling

When the NFL draft roles around the conversations are almost always dominated by QBs or other skill positions on offense. But this year the draft class is loaded with talented defensive players and many NFL gambling scouts believe the talent on the defensive side of the ball is much better than that of the offensive talent pool.

The unanimous top player in the 2010 NFL draft is defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh, far and away the best player out there according to NFL gambling reports. But he’s hardly the only top defensive player receiving consideration in the first round and by the time the first day of the NFL draft is over we could a lot more defensive players taken than offensive players.

Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma is another interior defensive lineman that will be taken in the top three picks. Yet another Big 12 DT he’s just a step below Suh according to most NFL gambling draft gurus and should have an immediate impact. Another D-lineman that could jump up the NFL draft board, especially with a big day at the Combine is DE Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech.

A terrific athlete and a guy that draws a constant double team he’ll be at least a top ten pick in the NFL gambling Draft, maybe even higher. Off the line of scrimmage, S Eric Berry is a phenomenal talent that will almost certainly be a top ten pick in the NFL draft. He’s incredibly versatile and is in the Troy Polamulu, Ed Reed mold, a future superstar in the making. Also look for some team to take Florida CB Joe Haden off the board early. He’s the best cover man in the draft and could have a Derrelle Revis like impact in the pros.

  1. Lee Harris
    February 28th, 2010 at 16:25 | #1

    Sometimes what we see isn’t always what we get! In order to become a great player in this game or any game, you first have to have your heart, mind & soul in what you’re trying to accomplish. You have to be humble from the inside with a burst of ambition and motivation that cannot be contained by an opponent. When you love the game for all the right reasons with a path of respect and loyalty to improving, Cam Thomas is going to make whatever team he goes to very profitable and happy with their pick. Remember, we have to go on the inside of a person and see what makes them grow or fade away!

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