NFL Draft – Who’s the best QB in the class NFL Betting Lines

One year ago there was great anticipation among NFL betting lines junkies for the 2010 quarterbacking class. It was going to rival the great NFL draft of 1984 that produces such stars as Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and John Elway. With Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow all coming off phenomenal seasons their potential in the NFL betting lines seemed limitless.

But after Bradford’s season was torn apart by injuries, McCoy failed to live up to the hype and Tebow’s mechanics were torn apart by NFL draft experts, this QB crop now looks mighty average in the eyes of most NFL betting line’s experts. Bradford is still the number player in this bunch, if perhaps only for the fact that his potential has yet to be revealed because of the injuries.

But he’s got all the tools you expect in a successful QB (size, arm strength, accuracy and leadership) which is more than be said for the other QBs. Notre Dame junior Jimmy Clausen is widely viewed as the second best QB in the NFL draft but there are plenty of questions about him as well. He has the advantage of playing a pro style offense in college which helps with the preparation but many feel he’s reached his potential and won’t improve much in the NFL.

McCoy’s stock has dropped the most of any QB this year and while he’s got great accuracy and a high completion percentage, great indicators of NFL success, he doesn’t throw deep well and didn’t read defenses well his senior season. Tebow remains the wildcard of this group and with work on his mechanics could still turn out to be the best QB in the draft.

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