NFL Lines at Midseason

nfl linesNFL lines at midseason, such as NFL lines in Weeks 7, 8, 9, and 10 are seen by many handicappers as some of the easiest NFL betting lines to handicap. Such is the case because handicappers of these NFL lines have the opportunity to look at numerous previous weeks of performance against the NFL lines, and are not yet contending with the issue of teams tanking at the end of the season.

Nevertheless, in order to successfully handicap NFL lines around midseason it is important that you keep close tabs on which teams are coming together and which teams are falling apart.

NFL lines for the weeks around midseason certainly give handicappers the benefit of not having to guess how teams have evolved since last season, as handicappers must do in the first few weeks of the regular season. Also, when you handicap NFL betting lines at midseason you do not have to concern yourself with teams holding back effort because they have already made or missed the playoffs, as is the case in the final weeks of the year. Nevertheless, as you assess the NFL lines you still must be careful about recognizing what you do know and what you do not know.

For example, just because a team is 5-3 at the season’s midway point does not mean the team will likely go 10-6 and make the playoffs. Rather, it is quite possible that the team enjoyed a fairly easy schedule during the first half of the season. Furthermore, after having handicapped the NFL lines for numerous weeks, you may become overconfident in your familiarity with each team. In fact, many gamblers of the NFL lines make the mistake of feeling they have identified the strengths and weaknesses of each team by midseason and can use those insights to successfully handicap NFL betting lines throughout the rest of the season.

The fact of the matter, however, is that teams continue evolving throughout the season. Therefore, it is erroneous to assume that teams will be playing the same in Week 17 as Week 7, thereby assuming you can handicap the Week 17 NFL lines just how you handicapped the Week 7 NFL lines. Rather, what you want to achieve by Week 7 is an identification of the direction in which teams are going. By midseason one can generally judge which teams are coalescing for a playoff run and which teams are falling apart at the seams.

Sometimes those teams that have bright futures for the second half of the season actually performed poorly against the NFL lines in the first half, simply because the teams were still building chemistry. Consequently, as you handicap the NFL betting lines you need to pay careful attention to the different issues being dealt with inside of any locker room. Disputes between coaches and players may seem minor at midseason but prove to be a death sentence for the remainder of the year.

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