NFL Lines for the Pro Bowl

ProBowlFootballNFL lines in the Pro Bowl can be some of the most confusing NFL lines to handicap because in the Pro Bowl most players do not try particularly hard. In other words, handicapping NFL lines for the Pro Bowl is a little like handicapping NFL betting lines in Week 17, when you know that some teams are not very interested in winning.

Nevertheless, you can still handicap the Pro Bowl NFL lines fairly well by predicting which players will seriously try to win and which Pro Bowl team has lots of players from the same franchise. NFL lines for the Pro Bowl are quite different from the NFL betting lines for the Super Bowl, which handicappers wager on directly before the Pro Bowl.  Such is the case because during the Pro Bowl most players are indifferent about winning and are much more interested in enjoying themselves in Hawaii and avoiding injury. 

Naturally, handicapping NFL lines when you do not even know how much effort players will put forth is particularly challenging. However, it is possible to predict the effort that will be put forth by each team, and therefore assess the NFL betting lines, by gauging the effort likely to be put forth by each individual player.

Some players tend to play to win during the Pro Bowl, while others are almost completely apathetic. Because many of the players competing in any given Pro Bowl will have competed in a previous Pro Bowl, you can actually use past performances as a good indicator of how hard many of the players will perform. In other words, by looking at past individual Pro Bowl performances you will be able to achieve a more accurate analysis of the Pro Bowl NFL lines.

Also, players from the same team often play well together in the Pro Bowl.  Therefore, if you see, for instance, that the quarterback, tight end, and wide receiver all from a single team are playing together in the Pro Bowl, then that fact should definitely be recognized as you handicap the NFL lines.

While the strategies mentioned above will certainly help you examine the NFL lines for the Pro Bowl, the fact remains that the game’s NFL lines can still be extremely challenging to handicap.  Consequently, some gamblers examining the game’s NFL betting lines consider the game as basically a pick ‘em.

However, the NFL lines generally have one team listed as a favorite and, therefore, these bettors will automatically pick the underdog, being that the underdog can lose and still cover, while the favorite will need to win by the number of points established in the NFL lines.

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