NFL Odds – Jets at Chargers Online Betting

The New York Jets entered the playoffs as the worst team in the field and the last to clinch a spot in the post season. Some fans may argue that they don’t even deserve to be there after the Colts and Bengals gifted them wins in the final two weeks of season after both teams had already wrapped division titles in the NFL betting lines and rested starters.

Be that as it may, the Jets won their first NFL odds wild card game and are one of just eight teams remaining in the playoff sports betting. If they want to stick around for another week in the online betting action they must shut down the Chargers passing game and run the ball down their throats. Fortunately these are two things that the Jets are very good at doing.

The Jets enter this game with the fattest head coach in the league as well as the best cover corner in NFL. San Diego star WR Vincent Jackson will, for all intents and purposes, be a missing person in this game. CB Derrelle Revis is as good at shutting down receivers as Rex Ryan is fat. That means Phil Rivers must find the rest of his receiving corps, which isn’t nearly as talented as Jackson.

He must also do so while 6 to 7 Jets come flying at him every snap of the ball. The blitz will be key to any Jets Victory. On offense New York is horribly one-dimensional but until a team proves they can stop the Jets running game (172.2 yards a game, #1 in the NFL) who cares. The Chargers run defense is awful, giving up 117.6 yards per game. If things play out according to the numbers, the Jets can win this game.

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