NFL Odds – Jets at Chargers Preview Betting Lines

Despite what New York Jets Rex Ryan might think CB Derrelle Revis was not the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. The people who vote on that award chose another CB, Charles Woodsen of the Green Bay Packers, as the most deserving recipient in the NFL odds.

Revis finished second in the voting but unlike Woodsen his team survived the first round of the playoffs and will be playing again in this weekend’s divisional round matchup. Ryan is wrong about a lot of things but it’s hard to find fault with his argument that Revis is the most deserving player of the Defensive Player of the Year trophy.

Woodsen bested Revis in INTs (9 to 6) and returned three of picks for TDs, something Revis did not do. But you could argue that Revis had a lot fewer chances to make plays as opposing QBs rarely even looked his way. As Ryan has stated, Revis may have put together the greatest season ever in sports betting history by a CB. His impact can’t really be measured by INTs and TDs but there is little doubt that he did his job and did it very well.

Revis completely shut down nearly every receiver he faced including holding many top flight recieveres to 35 yards or less during his watch (Randy Moss, TO, Steve Smith, Ochocinco and others). In last week’s wild card game rendered Ochochinco a non-factor for a second straight week, essentially sidelining the Bengals entire passing game.

And that tight coverage allows the blitz happy Jets to throw the kitchen sink at QBs without worry of being beat downfield. Revis mission will be to shut down Chargers WR Vincent Jackson this week and if he’s successful the Jets have a chance to win this game.

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