NFL Odds – Jets at Colts Online Betting

The New York Jets are looking to return to the Super Bowl for the first time since Joe Willy Namath was at the helm in the mid-1900s. But first they must get through the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship and game. The key to this team’s success in Sunday’s NFL odds matchup could not be more explicit: stop Peyton Manning. But this could the hardest thing to do in sports betting.

The Jets secret weapon on defense, the blitz, is all but useless against Manning, especially on his home field where the crowd will be silenced on Colts possessions and he can call out formations and dictate blocking schemes at the line. Manning had an astounding 68% completion percentage against the blitz this season and in most cases the blitz only facilitated Indy’s success on offense.

But what makes the Jets blitz so successful is its coverage downfield and CB Derrelle Revis is the Manning of CBs in online betting action. If he can take Reggie Wayne out of the equation with single coverage and the safeties can contain Dallas Clark over the middle Manning will have to beat the Jets with the likes of Collie and Garcon, that’s an equation that favors the Jets.

On offense the Jest must mix up the pass and run. As the best running team in the NFL the Jets have had little problem moving the ball, but against a D as seasoned as the Colts they will not win without passing as well. If New York can get QB Mark Sanchez going early and have some success with the play action this team has a great shot at pulling off the upset.

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